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Let’s talk bra sizing….

Did you know that you are probably wearing the wrong size bra? And have most of your life?? Unless you have been fit by a Certified mastectomy fitter, you are most likely wearing the wrong size bra for your size, stature, build and ultimate comfort. Most of us that have been measured in a national bra seller were fitted for a vanity sized bra.

A Certified Mastectomy fitter (CMF) has gone through specialized training and testing to learn how to fit a woman in a bra based on many factors and not just the band and cup size determined with a measuring tape. They have extensive class and on the job training followed by a test to be certified. This certification must then be maintained yearly with continuing education courses to stay current. A CMF learns about body shape, breast shapes, complications from surgery or injury that affect how a bra fits, sensitivity issues, social considerations, psychological issues, etc. that can impact the proper fit and comfort of a bra. Did you realize all this goes into the proper fitting of a piece of material that covers a part of the body?! Wouldn’t you rather be fit by a professional certified rather than a person who was just given a tape measurer and a brief in-service. Would you rather go to a person who said they read a book and have been told about medical issues or go to a physician who has been fully educated and stay current with continuing education?

Stores that sell bras do not have these CMFs. They have not been trained on how to properly fit a bra. They just get sizes from a tape measure and give you a size. These sizes tend to be “feel good” sizes and not a true fit to your body. For example, have you noticed that you go into a store and buy a cute bra in your size only to get home and find that it does not fit and is super uncomfortable? That is because you have not been professionally fit for a bra, but it also brings up another point. Not all bras are made the same.

Sizes vary from company to company, just like jeans, shirts, and shoes. With company A you wear a 36C, but with company B a 38C feels better and yet company C a 36DD fits like company A. Even a professionally fit bra will vary in size from one company to another. That is why a professionally fitting is so important. You can get your true size. And by all means, TRY ON THOSE BRAS. Especially when you go to a different store.

Bottom line… don’t get hung up on bra size. Do get a professionally fitting at least once in your life. They are free and will make you look and feel better knowing you are wearing the right size bra.

January 12, 2022

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