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Genetic Testing and Breast Cancer

While you can’t always map out the road when it comes to your health, there are certain things you can do to identify harmful changes in your body and predispositions to hereditary diseases such as Cancer. When it comes to breast cancer there are two susceptibility genes – BRCA1 and BRCA2. The BRCA gene test is most often a blood test with the blood draw taken from a vein in your arm. The sample is then sent to a lab for DNA testing. According to Mayo Clinic, people who inherit mutations in these genes are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer when compared with the general population. Positive result Receiving a positive test result means you carry a gene mutation that increases your likelihood of developing cancer. Once you receive a positive test result, you can begin working with your doctor to go over options and ways to further reduce risks. However, while a positive result can be unnerving, it does not necessarily mean you’re certain to develop cancer. Negative result A negative result may mean that you do not have the mutation or that you might have a gene mutation doctors haven’t discovered yet. Your test might also identify a gene variant that doctors aren’t certain about. In these situations, it’s not always clear what the results mean for your cancer risk, according to Mayo Clinic. Genetic Counseling Many individuals who undergo genetic testing seek genetic counseling to further help what the results mean for your health and your future. Other considerations While the BRCA gene test is able to detect mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, it may not able to detect other gene mutation, furthermore, you may be at a high risk of hereditary cancer if your family carries a high-risk gene mutation that researchers haven’t yet identified. Pink Ribbons Mastectomy and Lymphedema Boutique will strive to assist each woman who comes through our doors regain or maintain her self-esteem and good body image that was altered during and after her breast cancer treatment. For information about our Post-Op care, please visit our website or give us a call today at 901-417-6060. Sources:

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